"I would like to thank you on behalf of the staff and residents at Leighton for a fantastic product- "Circe Solid Gel Body wash Bars".

We have been using your product as an alternative to soap and shampoo for nearly 2 years now and have found it has made an incredible difference to the skin integrity of the residents in our home.
Initially we trialled the product on a few residents with very frail skin, and after pleasing results, abolished soap and shampoo and use your product exclusively for all residents, even those who were using soap free body washes.

With the product coming in a bar, it can be placed in a conventional soap container for each individual and, unlike body washes, there is no chance of spillage and waste. It lathers so is also great for hair care.
I have recommended your product to others in the Aged Care industry and we will continue to use "CIRCE" in our home."

Yours faithfully,
Emma Powell,
Director of Nursing.
Leighton Nursing Home"

"An integral part of our “maintenance of skin integrity” program in our 120 bed residential aged care facility is eliminating any factor which further exacerbates existing skin fragility. A major contributing factor to breaking down the natural barriers of the skin is soap residue on the skin after washing. Incontinent residents may be washed several times a day increasing the risks of skin breakdown.

We trialled “Circe” on six high care residents for a month and were so impressed with improvement in their general skin integrity that we supplied all high care residents with the product and have continued to use “Circe” for more than a year now. It has been effective in reducing pruritus and extreme dryness after washing. Many of our low care residents (who provide their own toiletries) have been “converted “and purchase “Circe” now after we recommended its use at family information sessions and through our monthly newsletter.

Because “Circe” remains a solid bar it is economical compared with our previous options of soap or sorbolene. Each bar lasts approximately one month."

Susan Curro
Woundcare Co-ordinator
Moorfields (Box Hill)

"Finally, I am able to find a true soap free washing bar that is 'soap free'. My skin drives me nuts. I get very itchy skin, and it feels like it's crawling. I have also left scabs and scars on my ankles and abdomen from over scratching because of my dry skin. It's been a nightmare. My symptoms have virtually almost disappeared. I love this bar!

I also love the fact that it doesn't leave that soap scum on the soap holder. Also I love the colourful packaging - that is what attracted me to the product firstly. Please keep manufacturing this great product. I'm scared that you will cease manufacturing it, so I keep thinking to myself that I should stock up on this wonderful 'circe' product. What a great Australian product. Well done!
PS. So far I have only used the sensitive (my first choice), and the sports. Next on the list is the silken, then the smoothe."

"This is not an inquiry, but rather a very big Thank You for such a marvellous product. I started using Circe Silken at a time when my skin was very dry, and it has never looked back. Not only has it improved my skin 100% but it does not turn to mush like some soaps or gels. Another plus is, as you advertise, that it does not leave a bathtub ring. I am totally satisfied with Circe and have recommended it to friends as well as sending some to my mother in NZ who has suffered from dry skin. She also is delighted with it. It is by far the best cleanser I have ever come across. Just one query: why don't you advertise it? In my opinion it is a far superior product to say, Dove, which gets lots of publicity."

"To whom may concern,
I have being using this product for a least 8 months, after trialling many products for my husband's eczema.Your skin product has been by far the most outstanding product that has given him relief from his skin disorder. Can you please inform me of what is going to happen and where I can purchase the product in future."

Yours faithfully,


I have recently begun to use your product (circe sensitive) and I am thoroughly impressed! I have had an acne problem for about 9 years now and wear make-up most of the time. I had found it near impossible to find a cleanser etc. to take off my make-up without stripping my skin and making my acne worse, I also could never wash my face completely clean, getting all the make-up out of my pores, your product completely cleared my pores first time and has also helped me to control my breakouts, I have fewer and they don't last as long as they used to, so THANK YOU :)

The reason why I'm telling you this, apart from the obvious praise for your product is that if you were to market it as something that could help acne and/or as an efficient make-up remover you find a new area of people to buy your products.

A lot of people have acne and don't know what to do about it, I've spent obscene amounts of money looking for something like your product only to find 'acne treatment' products to be drying and harsh and there are still people out there that don't know about it, I stumbled on it in Coles by accident, read your packaging and thought I'd try it. (more praise for the environmental and ethical principles :)
I will be spreading the word about your product where ever I can!"


"Service Improvement Request (S.I.R) - Commendation
Since Dad has been in High Level, the girls have been using the Circe Wash Bar & his skin has improved dramatically – much softer & more supple than before.
C.W. (Relative)

Service Improvement Request (S.I.R) - Commendation
"Marked improvement in resident’s skin related to recommendations from Aromatherapist trial of new sulphate free products.

Now only have 1 resident on medicated cream prescribed by Doctor. (This is a 30 bed unit)"
L.S. (Unit Manager)

Service Improvement Request (S.I.R)
"We have noticed skin improvement using Circe. After it ran out there was a noticeable decline in resident’s skin starting to breakdown, itchy & rashes re-occurring. Make Circe a permanent thing."
M.P. (Staff member)

Service Improvement Request (S.I.R)
"After using the pump pack soap on the wall for 3 days whilst attending to MJ’s AOL’s I noticed a rash on his back. Soap wasn’t used again and the rash cleared up. I have noticed vast skin improvement with the commencement of Circe. Commence all residents on Circe for better skin and ongoing results of good skin."
K.D. (staff member)

"Dear Margaret & Ian
I am very pleased with Circe and the fantastic difference in residents skins across the three facilities (Millward, Southport and St Michael’s) – 104 people in total. You have provided an excellent service and have gone above and beyond my expectations of prompt and caring service. Preparing a specific cream for a resident’s skin at my request is just one example."
Maggie Hopkins
DIP Aromatherapy
Member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (M.I.F.A)