Some basic chemistry about soap and other cleaners

Without getting too complicated the basic structure of a soap free bar is similar to that of creams, shampoos and body washes, except that a soap free bar contains minimal amounts of water. Your typical cleansers are comprised of water, cleansing agents, emollient (oily) materials and emulsifiers (waxes). The emulsifiers bind the ingredients together and help the emollients stick to your skin. Circe soap free solid gel body wash bars contains mild cleansers to clean away old oil and dirt from your skin. Our formulations provide a combination of oils and water soluble fatty waxes to create a dense fluffy cream which is achieved by working up the bars with water in your hands or on a shower puff. As a result, Circe bars are really a foaming cream, where you are in charge of adding the water. Circe bars work by emulsifying the unwanted oils or other skin contaminants, into the surfactant which is then washed off with warm water. The cleansing agents used in Circe are mild in action to gently cleanse without stripping the skin of essential natural oils, leaving important "natural" protection in place. In addition: the pH of Circe is matched to be like your skin, and will not damage your skins vital acid mantle barrier.

The cleansers used in Circe bars are classified as mild cleansers with low to moderate foaming characteristics, hence can be washed off easily. Foam is good for helping the cleansers move across your body or in your hair, but not so good when it gets to the rivers.

The Circe solid gel bar uses a 4 parts approach, combining: Cleansers (surfactants, foaming agents, detergents -The things that clean your skin and hair). Waxes & Emulsifiers Agents that provide a good feeling bar, hold the surfactants together and condition your skin. Emollients (oils and fatty materials) That effectively "refat" the skin after the cleansers have cleaned away the old and dirty skin oils and pollutants. They are part of the moisturising ingredients along with the waxes. Active materials. Materials such as extracts and conditioners, perfumes and oils that provide a specific function.