Aged Care
We have provided our CIRCE range to Aged Care Facilities for several years now. Feedback from residents, relatives and nursing staff has been excellent. 

Excellent products for aged care are our Carer's Choice Body Wash and Carer's Choice Moisturiser Cream - These are very affordable high quality skin care products suitable for skin of all ages, but specifically formulated to be very gentle on aged skin.  

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Our aim is to help you and your health care team achieve optimum skin care results for your residents and nursing staff in accordance with STANDARD 2:11 - MAINTENANCE OF SKIN INTEGRITY.

Aged skin
Over time our skin changes. While some changes are hormonal others are structural. In addition, the effects of habits such as hot showers, the use of soap and over exposure to sunlight become increasingly obvious. Quite separately, many medications also have side effects that affect skin integrity.

Regardless of individuals circumstances, three things are true:

  • Skin becomes drier as production of sebum (skin oil) decreases
  • Skin becomes less elastic and develops a more leathery appearance
  • Skin becomes thinner and more fragile

When these factors combine with reduced physical activity, a general reduction in wellbeing and a low humidity environment (from central heating and air conditioning) the battle to maintain skin integrity can be daunting.

Skin integrity
Resident’s skin integrity is a vital element in the health and personal care plans of any organisation seeking or wishing to maintain accreditation.

Skin integrity (or lack of it) is also a significant cost driver. Getting it right not only helps tight budgets - it makes a huge difference to resident’s physicaland emotional wellbeing.

Working to improve skin integrity
The key to any successful plan is in treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptom.

The biggest factor in making skin integrity a reality is to choose a quality cleanser. We know CIRCE is the right product to achieve this.

Why is a quality cleanser so important?
Dermatological quality cleansers such as CIRCE won’t damage skin the way soap and other cheap cleansers do. This means with repeated use you are providing skin the opportunity to heal and look after itself. Healthy unbroken skin is the body’s primary defence against a range of minor opportunistic skin infections and a major element in achieving skin integrity.

How Save Your Skin and CIRCE can help
Save Your Skin formulates and produces quality dermatological products. Each is carefully formulated, rich in moisturising ingredients and has a pH that matches the acidity of skin (around pH 5.5 to 6.0). So in addition to being gentle to the skin, the pH helps reduce the risk of opportunistic skin infections by helping preserve the skins natural acid barrier.

We design our products to be versatile. For example if you use one of our CIRCE bars you can:

  • Shave with it. (Just wash the face with warm water to soften whiskers and use Circe instead of shaving lather.)
  • Remove facial makeup. (Much better than alcohol based products which dry out skin.)
  • Wash hair. (The moisturisers make it work like a combined shampoo and conditioner.)
  • Wash the rest of the body.

How does that compare with the products you are using now?

What to expect from using CIRCE
If your experience is similar to the Aged Care Facilities we’ve worked with you can expect:

  • Skin integrity to improve – dramatically.
  • Residents seem to be much happier – their skin is no longer dry, itchy and irritated, which in turn;
  • Helps reduce behavioral problems like anxiety and anger.
  • Reduction in disturbed sleep, thus promoting wellbeing.
  • Reduction in valuable nursing hours required to manage skin issues such as skin tears and wounds.
  • Less documentation associated with skin issues.

Are Save Your Skin’s products cost effective?
Extraordinarily so.

So what make them so cost effective?

  • They last. For example with our bars expect on average to get at least a months use out of them.
  • Better skin integrity translates to reduced medical bills (fewer drugs, antibiotics and visits from doctors).
  • Reduced need for other skin care items (allowing you to cut down the stocks you maintain).
  • Reduction in the time required for skin care activities (which frees up health team resources for other issues).
  • By dealing with the manufacturer you are dealing direct.
  • We offer the full range of Save Your Skin products to Aged Care Facilities at a special rate.

What sort of products do we have?
In addition to the CIRCE bars, we also have a range of liquids and creams highly suited to the needs of the aged care sector.

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